Otoscope Mini Fiber Optic



Otoscope Mini Fiber Optic

An Otoscope (auriscope) is used for examination of the ear canal and eardrum. A home ear examination can help detect many ear problems, such as ear infections, excessive earwax, or an object in the ear canal.

An early home ear examination may be performed to:

  • Look for signs of infection when a person has an earache.
  • Check for a foreign object in the ear
  • Check for ear wax buildup

Our Mini Otoscope is ready to use comes with 10 ear speculum;

5 Pcs of adult (4mm)
5 Pcs of Infant/Child (2.5mm).

An LED bright light lit examination area, while 4X Magnification glass lens helps detailed viewing. Our high-quality otoscope can be used clinics as well as for Paramedics, Medical Students, Nurses, and Home.

Our Fiber Optic Mini Otoscope is recommended because

Extra Bright Cool Light
Fiber Optic light
3x Magnification
Sleek Design with pen clip
Medical Grade Plastic Housing
Clear and Scratch Resistant viewing window
On-Off switch
An LED bulb uses less energy last longer
Canvas Pouch

Otoscope Common Uses:
An otoscope is used for examination of the ear canal and eardrum. It is also used as a light source to examine the larynx.

Technical Specifications:
 Medical grade ABS, Chrome Plated Brass
Reusable or Disposable: Reusable
Sterile or Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile
Latex-Free: Yes
Matt Polished: Yes
Lubricate: No
Usage: Right Hand, Left Hand
Tests Performed: Performance Test, Shape Test
Packing: Individually Packed
QC Passed: Yes


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